Mitch S. – Cirrus SR22 TKS Testimonial

Mitch S. lives in Iowa. Where he flies covers everything east of the Rockies—from Colorado to the East Coast and Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico. His 2004 Cirrus SR22 is equipped with a No-Hazard TKS Ice Protection System.

The Cirrus SR22 system is only available as a factory-installed option.


How did you get started in aviation? 

Flying had been a lifelong dream of mine. I finally managed to go after it in 2014, and haven’t looked back?

Why did you choose TKS?

I wanted options for flying in Midwest weather conditions. No-Hazard was a minimum requirement for me. I would love to have the FIKI system [on a newer aircraft] in the future.

What has TKS done for your mission?

Given that I have a No-Hazard system only, it hasn’t necessarily opened up new flights. But it has allowed me to work in areas and conditions with less worry.

Have you had any memorable experiences with TKS?

Funnily enough, my first flight with my new to me Cirrus we encountered unplanned icing. It was a great experience and truly amazing to see the anti-ice system in action.

Click the button to receive an estimate of what it would take to install TKS on your aircraft.

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