Keith M. – Cessna T210L TKS Testimonial

Keith M. lives and primarily flies within the Midwest. Keith’s Cessna T210L is equipped with inadvertent TKS Ice Protection that he has flown for over 5 years.

Keith M - Cessna T210L NoN

Keith M - Cessna T210L PropellerHow did you get started in aviation?

I was tired of fighting traffic to and from a vacation home.

Why did you choose TKS?

I sold a 1978 Piper PA-32R and searched for a T210 with the intent to add TKS due to superior anti-icing protection.

What has TKS done for your mission?

It has made my T210 a year-round traveling machine (within reason).

Have you had any memorable experiences with TKS?

No bad ones anyhow. The images are after 1 hour in IMC through a fairly intense snowstorm.

Learn More About TKS for the Cessna 210 - Button.png

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