Scott Ivany – Cessna 210M FIKI TKS Testimonial

Scott Ivany lives in Colorado and flies everywhere from Alaska to Michigan. Scott’s 1976 Cessna 210M is equipped with a Flight Into Known Icing (FIKI) certified TKS Ice Protection, which he has flown since 2015.

Scott Ivany - Cessna T210M FIKI

w did you get started in aviation?

My mother was a grade school teacher who got her private pilot’s license when I was a kid. She introduced me to aviation when I was about 9 years old. As soon as I could scrape together enough nickels and dimes, I got my license.

Why did you choose TKS?

I bought the plane with TKS already installed. I recognized that I would be flying over the top of the Rockies. Anytime it’s IMC here in Colorado, you are in the ice, as well as trips east of here. That was one of the main proponents. I also believe TKS adds significant value to my aircraft and utility. I’m not the kind of guy that runs and flies through hard IMC all the time, but being able to punch up or down through a layer to make a trip happen was attractive to me. I fly year-round. In fact, I enjoy flying more in the winter than in the summer.

What does TKS do for your mission?

It makes trips doable when they wouldn’t otherwise be.

Have you had any memorable experiences with TKS?

My experiences are that TKS works very well. It’s been able to make trips happen that otherwise just wouldn’t happen. Last February I had a trip to Boise. There were pockets of ice between here and there. It wasn’t steady ice for four or five hours, but there were pockets. You turn the system on when you know you’re going to be heading into icing conditions, and then ten minutes later you come out the other side and don’t have to worry about it. Very nice. It’s peace of mind over the Rockies.

Additional comments

I use my 210 on gravel strips a lot. I was pretty worried about kicking up rocks and damaging the TKS panels. I’ve flown a lot of Idaho backcountry, remote strips in Colorado, and I’ve never had any problems with it.

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